El Paso Inc. - Farnam Leads Robotic Gynecologic Surgery Training

newspaper clipping of doctor

El Paso gynecologic surgeon, Dr. Richard Farnm has been designated as the Epiccenter for Robotic Gynecologic Surgery in the Southwest.  The Epicenter is an honor appointed by the intuitive Surgical, the manufacturer of the Da Vinci robot.  The program is designed to teach and train doctors around the country on how to perform robotic surgery, currently considered the most minimally invavise surgical procedure avaliable.

Farnam is only one of 26 doctors in the United States to be an Epicenter honoree.  Physicians from around the country will be able to come to El Paso to train and learn how to incorporate the Da Vinci robot into their own surgical practice.  The minimum requirements for Epicenter designations are 200 surgeries.

Dr. Farnam has performed more than 500 robotic preocedures, more than any other Texas doctor.  He's also among the top five in th nation by surgical volume.

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